A Christ-Centered Political Party

Christians for too long have attempted to serve two masters. Privately, we serve Jesus as our personal savior, but publicly we serve the ideologies of the world around us. We do not even claim to serve Jesus in our political life. Rather, we honestly admit that we have two allegiances. We are Conservative Christians or Liberal Christians. Publicly, we serve right-wing or left-wing political ideologies that have their roots in the Western Enlightenment movement of Modernism. Privately, we claim to be good Christians as if our faith should have no impact on our public life. Jesus condemned this type of hypocrisy in his day among the Pharisees. In the end, people serve their public master rather than the one they claim to follow in private. This is what the Pharisees did in the end when they were confronted by Jesus. They turned Jesus over to Pontius Pilate and pledged their allegiance to Rome. Publicly, they served Rome, while in their heart they told themselves they were doing the will of God. However, whoever you serve publicly is the god you truly worship.

Why are we ashamed of Jesus? If we claim to be Christians, why do we not publicly acknowledge Jesus as King? Christians regularly deny Jesus in the political realm because we would rather obey our public master. Both Conservatives and Liberals are united in their insistence that Jesus does not belong to politics, but must remain a private religious belief. Conservative Christians and Liberal Christians are all too ready to accept this advice. They would like to have their cake and eat it too. If we follow Jesus privately we will saved in the next life and if we follow our preferred secular ideology, we will be saved in this life. Yet, God is not so easily fooled. Jesus was not fooled by the Pharisees, who were among the most devout believers of their day, and he will not be fooled by our hypocrisy. Jesus warned that at the final judgement that he will be ashamed of those who were publically ashamed of him.

As Christians survey the crisis throughout our nation, from the breakdown of our families to the decay of our political institutions, we have no one else to blame than ourselves. Christians knew better. We knew the one true Lord and yet we chose not to follow him in our public life. Our whole nation is not paying the consequences. The mess we have created has been created over hundreds of years so there is no simple easy way to avoid the consequences. Our families, schools, businesses, churches and political institutions are already warped by our adherence to secular non-christian ideologies. Nothing is going to be fixed overnight, but we need to begin somewhere. We must repent of our hypocrisy and throw ourselves at the mercies of Christ. We must throw down the Modern idols of our times and once again serve the one true Lord, our King and Savior Jesus.

One important step (although there are many other important things we must do) is flee from the secular political parties and form a christian political party centered around Jesus our King. The easy part for American Christians is leaving the Democratic and Republican parties. These parties give lip-service to our faith to gain our votes but have nothing to do with Jesus as King. Christians must not be unequally yoked with unbelievers. This is just as true with the political party with which we associate as with our marriage partner. We must not find our political ideas in the writings of John Locke, Jean Jacque Rousseau, Adam Smith or Karl Marx. Christians must find their political views in the Scriptures. This will not be simple as we have been indoctrinated by Modernist thinkers to take the politics out of Scripture. Yet, the first step in freeing ourselves from the idols of our times is to do the very thing our masters tell us we cannot do: form a Christian political party whose first principle is to proclaim the good news that Jesus is King!

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