About Us

Who We Are:

Christians United! is a political party which publicly proclaims the Gospel that Jesus Christ is King! We are a Christian political party that seeks to break the bonds of Enlightenment political theory that has long shackled Christians. The Enlightenment dogma that religion should be excluded from politics has kept Christians out of politics except on secular non-Christian terms (See The Enlightenment Compromise). We seek to return to a biblical view of politics based on a Post-Reformational theology (we have been highly influenced by the work of N.T. Wright). This radically challenges both the left-wing and the right-wing of modern Post-Enlightenment political theory. Christians United! offers a fresh Christian alternative to the failed secular politics of today.

What We Believe:

Christians United! is principle-based political party centered on two basic beliefs:

  1. Christians must proclaim Jesus Christ is King!
  2. Christians should seek first the Kingdom of God. Christ’s Kingdom is ruled by the Law of Love and is the only way of lasting peace and fulness of life. This Kingdom inaugurated with the resurrection of Jesus is diametrically opposed to the Kingdom of the World.

These two principles are dense and require unpacking. Please follow the links to learn how these political ideas can radically challenge the modern political systems of our day. For more introductory material please visit the What We Believe page. For more details on our two basic principles go to either the Jesus is King page or The Kingdom page.

What We Seek:

Christians United! has one major goal: the Return of God’s People back to Jesus our one Lord and King! Sadly, many Christians do not even understand see this need for Return as they do not see how we have abandoned and betrayed our Lord Jesus in the first place. Please see our page: Our Crisis.

Christians United! believe that the Return to our God has four major steps: Repentance, Reconciliation, Revival and Renewal.

  1. We seek repentance as the prerequisite for any future Return to God.
  2. We seek reconciliation among Christians as a necessary step for any future Revival.
  3. We seek Christian revival in our nation so that we can help Renew God’s Kingdom.
  4. We seek the renewal of our Christian vocation to be rulers and priest so that we can be a blessing to the nations.

All these four steps are intertwined and necessary for our Return to God. Once you understand the political dimension of Our Crisis and its consequent vacuum of political leadership within our Christian community, you will appreciate the need for a Christian political organization to bring leadership. We do not know if God has called Christians United! to provide this leadership (or that some other future Christian political organization will be called). Yet, we believe that if Christians truly want Revival and Renewal then some type of political leadership is needed. Christians United! is a first attempt to fill this vacuum.

To continue on this subject first see our page What We Seek and then read the subtopics of Repentance, Reconciliation, Revival and Renewal.

What We Are Not:

Christians United! seeks to define ourselves positively rather than negatively. Our party seeks to publicly proclaim the gospel that Jesus is King and to fashion our political system around the principles of the Kingdom of God. Nevertheless, many people will be quick to define us according to their own preconceived prejudices of what they think a Christian political party must be. Many of these preconceived ideas are clearly false. To quickly dispel these misconceptions please visit our page, What We Are Not.

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