Against Theocracy

Christians United! does not advocate the creation of a theocracy. This statement in itself does not claim much as no one would advocate theocracy as it is popularly conceived. Most peoples concept of theocracy is ideologically driven rather than learned from experience. Very few examples of theocracy can be pointed to in modern history. Most people point to John Calvin’s Geneva or Puritan New England as examples. Yet these two brief experiment can hardly exhaust all the possibilities of a whole category of forms of government. Our view of theocracy is driven by the Enlightenment fear of religion. They believe that the “insertion” of religion into politics is a defining problem within political theory and thus by extension theocracy must embody everything they are against. Thus theocracy is not so much a bad form of government experienced but an evil formed of government which they fear. Theocracy is assumed to be an oppressive form of government where religious leaders impose their theological and ethical opinions on the common people whether they like it or not. Given our postmodern hermeneutic of suspicion, we assume that these leaders using religion to gain power and wealth for themselves. Thus conceived, it goes without saying that Christians United! opposes any such notion of theocracy.

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