Are you proud of America?

Do we love America? Are we proud to be an American? Of course, we do but have you ever asked yourself why? Do we love our nation because we are richer, more powerful and more influential than other nations? These may be sources of pride but I do not think we love our nation because of them (If China became richer would we pledge our allegiance to them?) No, we love our nation because it is our nation. This is clear when we think of our families. We do not love our family because it is better than other families but because it is our own. Sometimes we are proud of what our family members do and sometimes we are ashamed. Nevertheless, we still love them because they are apart of us. As Christians parents we train up our children to follow Christ. We can teach them but we cannot make them Christians. If they become faithful Christians we are proud; if they fall away from the faith our hearts are grieved but we still love them and pray for them.

What about our nation? As Christians, are your hearts grieving for our country? Yes, we still love America, but are you proud of where our nation is going? Are you proud of the millions of babies who are aborted every year in our country? Are you proud that 40% of Americans are born illegitimate? Are you proud that our military promotes homosexuality? Are you proud that American culture is synonymous with Hollywood around the world? Are you proud that our nation is indebted to the world to pay for our decadent lifestyle? What has gone wrong? Our country once prided itself a Christian nation. We no longer do; we now take pride in the multiplicity of our religions. Once, we believed in a Christian Liberty which allow for a diversity of denomination. Today, we promote religious freedom that encourages a diversity of religions.

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