Believing the Kingdom

Do We Really Believe in the Kingdom?

We need to be honest. The principle reason why Christians have de-emphesized the Kingship of Jesus and the Kingdom of God is because we really do not believe in them. We may give them lip service, but we really do not believe they are true at this moment in time. Most Christians would enthusiastically declare the Jesus will be King someday: maybe after I am dead or certainly, when he comes again. At some distant undefined future, the Kingdom will become operative and we will then live by its rules. Just as we push the Kingdom off into the future, we also shrink it down into ourselves. Jesus is my personal Lord (whatever this means), but he is not King of the nations. The ways of the Kingdom may be guiding principles for my personal walk with Jesus (whatever this means), but not guiding principles for society. The embarrassing truth is that Christian don’t really believe the Bible when it says that Jesus is ruling his Kingdom since the Resurrection. We might give the right answers when asked, but our actions speak louder than words. We do not act as if what we often say is true, really is true. Why don’t we already have Christian political parties that insist that Jesus is King? Christians by in large do not think that it is true. Why do Christians belong to secular parties that look down on our faith and try to impose their ideologies on others through the means of the Kingdoms of this World? Christians believe that the ways of this world work and the ways of Christ’s Kingdom don’t. Our words sound so faithful and pious, but our actions proclaim our unfaithfulness and unbelief. Words are not enough. Christians must do something to prove that we truly believe what we claim we do. This is why we are forming Christians United! as a political party. Proclaiming the Gospel and the Kingdom is not merely saying the right words. We must truly believe the Gospel and live by the ways of the Kingdom. What good is claiming to believe that Jesus is King when we join a political party the scoffs at what we claim to believe? In reality, we are publicly demonstrating that what we privately claim is a lie. We cannot have our cake and eat it too. We cannot serve two masters. We must decide between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of this World. Joining Christians United! is public testimony that Jesus is King.

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