Can a nation be Christian?


Many Christians argue that our faith has no business in politics because only individuals can become Christian, nations cannot. In this view, people are independent individual wholes while organizations are merely a collection of individuals. An individual can be a Christian but a collection of individuals cannot. Thus a nation cannot not be Christian since it is merely a collection of individual who have a wide variety of religious beliefs. We could loosely call a nation Christian if a sizable majority of the individuals were Christian but this must remain a generalization of the individuals within the nation and not the nation itself. While this is a popular view within our society and shared by a large number of Christians, this does not make it true. We may read this view into the Scriptures but the Bible itself does not teach this view of Man. Strictly speaking, this idea lends itself to ideas antithetical to Christianity. Furthermore, while this idea appears good in theory, in practice this idea runs counter our own experience of reality. Individualism runs counter both Scripture and experience. First we will make our argument against individualism from experience. Second, we argue against it from Scripture and then offer an alternative view of the relationship between the person and the state from the Bible.

If we only argued from experience, the question of whether individualism was true could never be answered. Much of our experience fits very well within an individualistic framework. If we only take the evidence of experience, individualism might possible be true. My argument here limited to it not necessaritly being true.

is to point out that much of our experience does not fit well and an alternative interpretation is possible.

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