Choose Life!


We believe that God’s Word is true. In the Old Testament, God revealed His Law to the nation of Israel by giving them the 10 Commandments. God gave them a choice. God promised to bless the nation that would follow Him and curse the nation that rejected Him to follow idols. God exhorted the people to Choose Life. We know however that through out history people have had a propensity to choose death by rejecting God and His Laws. World history also bears witness to the truth of God’s promise. When people, whether Christian or non-Christian, have rejected God and His ways they have suffered from their own self-destructive behavior. Once again, our nation has chosen to reject God and His Law. Our nation is now paying the consequences for choosing death. Our nation will continue to suffer from the calamity with have brought upon ourselves unless we repent of our sins, turn from our self-destructive ways and return to God. We call on all people, both Christians and non-Christians, to turn from our path that is leading to the death of our nation and Choose Life!

We believe that at the founding of our nation, the vast majority of the people thought of our nation as a Christian nation. However, the founding fathers, for reasons not clear to us, did not think it necessary to state this explicitly within the Constitution. This deficiency has allow the enemies of Christianity to misinterpret the Constitution as a secular document that is openly hostile to Christianity.

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