Christian Political Theory

The shape, method and direction of Christians United! is informed by a Christian political theory. This theory is not settled and static, but in a process of transformation. While many Christians focus on the direction our society is headed with despair, Christians United! believe our Christian community is on the cusp of a new Reformation. Remember, the world’s darkest night was the eve of Resurrection Day. We are witnessing a renaissance in Christian theology led by theologians like N. T. Wright. The Kingdom of God and its King, Jesus the Messiah, are being rediscovered. This is not only coming down from above through our theologians but is sprouting from the ground up in our congregations and our parishes. It is there for the eyes of faith to see. Far from despair, we are living in a very exciting time.

Nowhere is the impact of these new theological insights greater than in Christian political theory. An intellectual dam has been broken. Enlightenment ideology had built a dam between political and religious life. We have been indoctrinated to believe that we should not, must not, cannot mix religion with politics. The new Kingdom theology with its declaration that Jesus is King is an emphatic call to tear down that wall. The implications for Christian political theory are huge. We are only in the beginning phases of understanding all that it entails. Christians United! is adamant that we do not settle for only hearing the word, we must also act. The truth of God’s word and the foolishness of his wisdom compels us to form a Christian political party.

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