If Jesus is King, the People are Not!

The Gospel, the good news that Jesus is King, has profound implications not only for Christian political theory, but also for Christian life. When we proclaim the Gospel, we declare that Jesus, and not the people, are sovereign. All the governments of all the nations are established on the sovereignty of Jesus as King. This is true whether or not those nations recognize this truth. Proclaiming the Gospel means declaring this truth and striving to persuade others to recognized it. This, of course, will quickly bring us into confrontation with the Kingdom of this World. The question of who is truly sovereign, Jesus or the People, is the central issue Christians must face in politics.

Popular sovereignty is the bedrock on which Modern Democracy is founded. Abraham Lincoln enshrined this idea in the Gettysburg Address with the phrase: government of the people, by the people and for the people. This is the idea of government that we have all been taught. The purpose of government is for the good of the people. (This is the one thing about this phrase that Christians should agree with). The rules and their enforcement are created and directed by the people. The ultimate source of government is popular sovereignty. This idea is so engrained within our political imagination that we can hardly consider that it might be false and contemplate another alternative. While this idea of government is perfectly understandable for non-Christians, the problem is that Christians too often reflexively accept it as well.

The goal, here, is not to convince non-Christians of the sovereignty of Christ. This may be the ultimate goal of Christian politics but it is not something that can be easily done with a few words. Only when we live out the Gospel as a united Christian community can we really hope to convince the watching world that Jesus is King. Our immediate goal to convince fellow Christians that acknowledging Jesus as King in politics is both necessary and proper for our faith. It is a sad state of affairs that this is not obvious but needs to be demonstrated for most Christians. The greatest power of the Evil One is deception and we have been thoroughly deceived about this question over the past few hundred years.

The Gospel, the proclamation that Jesus is now sovereign over all things, including politics, is the key political idea upon which Christians United! stands or falls. Everything we say and do flows out of this central truth. The color and texture of all that we do flows from the second truth that Jesus’ new Kingdom is radically different from the Kingdom of this World. All of this is summed up and proven by the Resurrection. If we were going to summarize our view in Lincolnian fashion, Christians United! believes in government of King Jesus, by the laws of his Kingdom, for the good of all people. Please see our section on the Kingdom for more details.

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