Is Christians United! Against Democracy?

No, Christians United! is not against the democratic process. We believe that that a political system that allows the maximum amount of people to freely choose their leaders is the best form of government available. We believe in the democratic process, but we do not believe in normative democracy. We believe that we should elect our leaders democratically, but we do not believe that the “will of the people” should be held sacrosanct.  This is the difference between procedural democracy and normative democracy.

Christians United! believes that Jesus is sovereign over all nations, whether they willingly acknowledge him or not. God is not in the business of imposing his will on us. If he was, then he would have done so a long time ago. No, our Father wants us to freely acknowledge the kingship of Jesus. Christians United! seeks to persuade others to acknowledge the sovereignty of Jesus Christ. This needs to be repeated over and over again because people have been schooled to think that Christians only want to impose their views on people which is simply not true.


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