Jesus is King

The Gospel is the good news that Jesus Christ is King!

Christians United! is about good news! This good news crown with crossis the Gospel that Jesus Christ is King! To our shame, Christians have lost the grandeur, the excitement and the political dimension of the Gospel. This void within our Christian faith is responsible for the accelerating decline of the social relevance of our faith in the past few generations. Christians United! seeks to fill this void. We challenge our fellow Christians to rediscover the power, the scope, and the excitement found in the political dimension of the Gospel. The good news is that Jesus is lord not just of my person, but of my nation and all the nations of the world. Our world is not out of control. Jesus is still reigning over us. He has a plan to save our world from itself and usher in a new peaceable kingdom. The excitement is, that in the mist of all this, even you and I have a part to play in this unfolding drama. Once you understand the magnitude and majesty of this world-historic plan, and reflect that even I have an opportunity to participate in it, you will understand that the Gospel proclaiming Jesus Christ is King really is good news! Come join us and share in the excitement.

The Gospel is the Key

The hope of Christians United! is a world-wide Return of God’s people back to Yahweh. We join with all other Christians in this prayer, but we believe that prayer is not enough. We believe that the Return of God’s people is an interactive process. It is neither something we can do ourselves, nor something God does alone. We cannot simply pray for Revival and expect God to accomplish this act of Grace alone in spite of us (Jesus already did this once, for all time, on the cross and to demand it of him again is to nail him on the cross yet again). If we have denied Jesus publicly and refuse to repent, if we have been forgiven and refuse to forgive our fellow Christians, how do we expect God to hear our prayers and heal our land? Prayer is not enough. We must do something first. We, like Peter, have betrayed Jesus and must Repent. We must forgive our fellow Christians and be Reconciled. Then, and only then, will God hear our prayers and bring Revival to our land and we shall be Renewed. The Gospel is the key. We must repent of our individualistic understanding of the Gospel and Rediscover the Gospel of the Scriptures.

  1.  We must Repent: Rediscovering the Gospel
    • God will Forgive us: Our King on the Cross
  2. We must Reconcile: Proclaiming the Gospel
    • God will Revive us: Resurrection and the Victory of our King
  3. We must Renew: Living the Gospel
    • God will win the final victory: Thy Kingdom come on Earth as in Heaven


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