Living in a Time of Judges

In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes. Judges 21:25

Many Christians walk around in a daze. They sadly shake their head as they contemplate the direction our nation is headed. Many of us grew up in a society that self-consciously thought of itself as Christian. We now find ourselves living in a pagan culture that acknowledges many gods. For most Christians this fact is too painful to contemplate, so we close our eyes and keep wandering around, busying ourselves with private concerns. We fail to see that the blind are leading the blind in our country.

Christians must open their eyes to the magnitude of the disaster in which we have participated. In one generation, our country (and many nations around the world) has gone from a nation that thought of itself as Christian to one that openly acknowledges it is non-Christian. A tragedy of this magnitude has not happened since the time of Christ. True, there have always been persecution and many areas that were predominately Christian have been overrun by Islam by force. But these events pale in comparison to what we have participated in our own generation. Never has one Christian nation freely abandoned its faith in the name of another god or ideology until now. Few are willing to open their eyes to consequences of our betrayal both now and in the future. Russian embraced communism which led to WWII, mass starvation, gulags and economic deprivation. Nazi Germany embraced a false god which sparked WWII and led to the Holocaust. We have abandoned Christ and today we are beginning to see the consequences. Our holocaust of the unborn already dwarfs Nazi atrocities in numbers and who knows what future holds. And what of our eternal consequences? Jesus warned us that if we deny him publicly now that he will deny us at the Final Judgement. We today are living in an epic tragedy of our own making and yet we blindly wonder forward, smiling to ourselves, as our eyes are glued to our iPhones.

But wait, you say. I have not participated in this betrayal of Jesus! I am a good Christian. I pray every day, I have a quiet time and read my Bible and regularly attend Church. The last thing I would do is betray Jesus. I am afraid you have been deceived. We have been taught that we only need a personal relationship with Jesus. Isn’t this what God wants? Isn’t this enough? The truth is in the consequences. If this was enough then we would be living in a Christian nation, sending our children to public Christian schools and working for Christian corporations. The truth is we are killing millions of babies, blessing degradation as marriage, sending our children to public schools where they are taught this new polytheism under the enlighten name of multiculturalism. How has this happened? Why do we stand idly by and do nothing? Why do we sacrifice our children on the alters of these pagan temples and pay others to indoctrinate our children

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