Living the Gospel

Jesus is King! After the excitement of rediscovering the Gospel and the desire for its proclamation, the implications of the Gospel slowly come to light. What does believing the Gospel really mean for our life? How does the proclamation that Jesus is King transform the way Christians do politics? The questions really boils down to whether we really believe the Gospel. Many people might find the rediscovery of the Gospel intellectually interesting. Many Christians might feel compelled to give the Gospel lip service and proclaim that Jesus is King among friends. Yet, if we really believe the Gospel then our lives will be changed. (And conversely, if we are not changed then we must question whether we really believe the Gospel.) The Gospel is life transforming news. Here is a quick list of the major implications of the Gospel for politics:

If Jesus is King then:

  1. The false Idols have been overturned: Religion and Politics do mix.
  2. The false King has been overthrown: Jesus is sovereign not the people.
  3. Christian Reconciliation: All who call on him are united.
  4. Christian politics is possible: Politics and this life really does matter.
  5. Christians are called to action: Salvation starts now, not after we die.
  6. Peace: The world is under control, not out of control.
  7. Hope: Christians have purpose, meaning and direction.


Once we understand the implications of the Gospel, we realize that we cannot keep this good news to ourselves. We need to act. Jesus repeatedly told us that his brothers and sisters are not those who here the word, but those who do them. This is why Christians United! exists. We realize that in the worldly sense having a Christian political party centered around the Gospel that Jesus is King is foolishness. Yet, we believe that the foolishness of God is greater than the wisdom of men. The good news of the Gospel cannot be hidden. Its truth must transform our lives. We need a public way of living out the Gospel and in our political system this means a political party. Of course, we do not want to be like the world and this political party must be a way of differentiating ourselves from the world. We need a political party patterned after the Kingdom of God and not the Kingdom of this World. We cannot be unequally yoked. We cannot join ourselves with political parties that refuse to acknowledge the one true King! The time has come for Christians to flee the Republican and Democratic parties and join a party that faithfully strives to live the Gospel. Fleeing these ungodly parties is imperative. Joining Christians United! is one way you can acknowledge that despite all the pressures of the world, I will serve the one true lord, King Jesus!

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