Morality is a means, not an end of Christian life. God did not command us go forth and be good. This sounds like a lax nanny who wants her wards out of her hair. Get out of here and don’t get in trouble…If you do and it comes back to me, then you will pay for it dearly. No God call us to be his stewards. We are to bring God’s order to creation. We are responsible to God for all of creation. This end is our great responsibility. Morality is the means to this end. We are to rule over creation in a good and godly fashion. Morality tells us how to do something not what to do. The danger of moralism is that it sounds pious but it can mask our own rebellion. The command, “Just be good!”, hides the fact that we can do whatever we want as long as we behave. People have an endless capacity to rationalize. Thus, before long we are justifying all types of injustice in the name of doing it nicely.

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