Our Program

All political parties put forth programs and policy platforms that they claim will “save” the nation. In this sense, Christians United! is no different. We begin with a three point “program.” We believe that 1) the proclamation of the Gospel, 2) its belief and 3) the implications of living it out provides a path that will literally save our nation. This is the “program” that will be explained below and throughout this website.

If this sounds like either nonsense to those used to traditional politics or scandalous to those used to traditional Christianity then this is a sign we are on the right track. We do not intend to be a traditional political party with the word “Christian” tacked on the front. Nothing here will make sense if we do not understand how Christianity has compromised its faith with Enlightenment ideology by the separation of religion with politics. This is explained more fully on the page Enlightenment Compromise.

1. Proclaiming the Gospel

Proclaiming the Gospel is personally liberating. Most Christians are oblivious to their own idolatry in excluding Christ from politics. By abiding by the Enlightenment Compromise we are obeying Man not God. Proclaiming that Jesus is King is a declaration of liberation from the powers and principalities of this world. We serve Jesus in politics and not Man. Thus, proclaiming the Gospel is the necessary first step in throwing down the idols that have ensnared us and proclaiming Jesus as Lord of all Nations.

2. Believing the Gospel

3. Living the Gospel

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