Christians United! seeks reconciliation among Christians as a prerequisite for our mission to further God’s Kingdom. We believe that the division among Christians since the Reformation has been the work of the evil one who has sought to divide and destroy the Kingdom of God. Catholics, Protestants, Orthodox and Anabaptists have all shared in this tragedy. Our acceptance of the Enlightenment idea that our faith should be reduced to the religious to the exclusion of the political has highlighted our religious differences and has kept us apart. We acknowledge, respect and encourage continuing debate between the theological differences of these traditions. Yet, Christians must wake up and see the common political dimension of our faith that we all share: Jesus is now King of all nations and of all churches. Christians acknowledge a common King; we share a common leader and all who acknowledge him are his common people.. Christians must forgive one another of our past trespasses as Jesus has forgiven us of our sins! The Gospel that Jesus Christ is King is the basis for Christian unity today.

 Reconciliation: Christians often take it for granted that God will always take us back. This may be true, but we forget just how remarkable this is. If you had a spouse who was repeated unfaithful, would you take your spouse back after he or she asked forgiveness for the seven-times-seventieth time? Most of us would not be so foolish, but God is. We should not forget that our Return to God depends not only on our Repentance, but also on God’s Forgiveness. If we repent of our idolatry, our unfaithfulness, God promises to accept us back.

Yet, God is not stupid. He always promises to take us back, but he places a serious requirement on us. If Yahweh is going to be so generous and open-ended with his Forgiveness, we should be extremely careful to forgive others their trespasses against us! Reread the parable of the Unforgiving Servant. If you still consider this just one parable among many, consider the phrase in the Lord’s Prayer: forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. Here, Jesus assumes we would not presume to ask for forgiveness, if we ourselves have not been actively forgiving others their wrongs against us. Christians do not stress this command to forgive others nearly enough.

Forgiveness is the first Kingdom principle on which Christ builds his Kingdom and on which we seek to follow him in building our political party.  God’s forgiveness of us leads us to reconciliation as we forgive one another. Christians United! believes that it is unconscionable that many Catholics and Protestants are still fighting the religious wars of almost 500 years ago. How can Christians expect God to forgive them their sins when we cannot forgive our brothers and sisters in Christ! We are united together in acknowledging Jesus as King. We belong and love the same Kingdom epitomized the Resurrection. Paul said that all who acknowledge Jesus as Lord and who believe in their hearts the Resurrection will be saved. Who are we to say otherwise? This is a great stumbling block to the Christian Church. We each pray and repent in our separate churches, but no revival comes. Maybe God is not listening to our pleas because we have not first forgiven our brothers and sisters in Christ! Christians United! believes that the Reconciliation of Catholics and Protestants is a necessary first step to revival. We must stop wasting our time fighting fellow Christians and start fighting the true enemies of Christ which are legion.

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