Rediscovering the Gospel

The Gospel is a much larger and fuller concept than you might first give it credit. All Christians, particularly those who identify themselves as Evangelicals, know that we are called to share the Gospel to others. (Why aren’t Christians excited about the Gospel?) Apostle Paul gave a powerful example in Romans 1:16 quoted above. Paul was not ashamed of the gospel for it was the power of God for salvation to all who believe. Unfortunately, our complicity with Post-Enlightenment thinking has radically undermined the meaning of this passage. We have depoliticized this and reduced it to a private religious statement. We read the words gospel and salvation, we automatically assume that this passage is obviously religious with nothing to do with politics. Thankfully, many theologians today, most notably N.T. Wright, are correcting this error and pointing out the political dimension of this statement.

Please read N. T. Wright’s new book, Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good. For a short summary see our reviews of the book here:safe_image.php

glass_numbers_1 Introduction to Simply Good news

glass_numbers_2 Good News, Not Good Advice

glass_numbers_3 What is “News” and What Makes it “Good”?

glass_numbers_4 Gospel as Good News

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