Review: Simply Good News by N. T. Wright

Simply Good News: Why the Gospel is News and What Makes it Good.

By N.T. Wright, HarperOne, 2015

The importance of N.T. Wright’s new book, Simply Good News, is not his presentation of new theological material, but his choice of subject matter. Academia is filled with many brilliant erudite scholars that address topics designed to impress each other. What makes Wright arguably the greatest living theologian is his spirit-led devotion to address the topics  Christians needs to hear. This little book, aimed at a popular audience, may seem like an after thought in the wake of his massive academic works on Paul. Yet, Wright is not so caught up in his important Pauline scholarship as to forget that the Church desperately needs to hear the truth about the Gospel.

Christians United! is deeply thankful that N. T. Wright has addressed this topic. The Gospel is the central political idea that motivates and shapes our political party. (See Jesus is King!) This will not be readily apparent unless we rediscover what the Gospel really means. This is why Simply Good News is so timely and so important to us.  Wright firmly, yet gently, insists that our contemporary understanding of the Gospel as good advise is not only wrong but a stumbling block to a proper understanding of our faith. Wright is at heart a teacher. He is always cautious and is careful not to push his students too far, particularly in his books aimed at popular audiences. Christians United! would like to take Wright’s view of the Gospel and push it a little bit further to highlight the explicit political dimension of the Gospel. Thus, the point of this review is not a simple summary of N.T. Wright’s book (do not settle for a summary, read the book!) but to highlight its importance and its implications for politics today.

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