Christians United! seeks revival in our nations. Many Christians of many different traditions have sought and prayed for revival within their own terms. We have wept and prayed and yet no revival has come. We believe that there are two major stumbling blocks to any future revival:

  1.      We serve two masters: in our private lives we serve Christ, each in our own tradition, but publicly we all serve the secular god of the Enlightenment embodied in the State or the Individual. We refer to this as the Enlightenment Compromise.
  2.     The privatization of our faith blinds us from the “Big Picture” and especially keeps Catholics and Protestants divided forever arguing over the religious wars of the Reformation nearly half a century ago.

God will not bring revival if we are serving other gods! He will not bring a time of forgiveness if we have not forgiven our brothers in Christ! Repentance comes before revival. If we refuse to throw down our public idols, if we refuse to publicly acknowledge Jesus Christ as our political Sovereign, if we cannot love our brothers and sisters, let alone our enemies, how can we expect God to hear our prayers and heal our lands?

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