The Issues

A Point of Clarification:

Christians United! is a principle-based rather than an issue-based political party.

We believe in a core set of principles (See Jesus the King and The Kingdom) that inform the central ideas of our political party. We look to this core set of ideas and the guidance of the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom in addressing the major issues that face our community. We do not assume that Christians from different traditions and life experiences are going to initially agree on every issue to the last detail. We believe that our common faith that Jesus Christ is King and our love of Christ’s Kingdom over against the Kingdom of this World will provide the unity among the faithful from which we can address the complex issues together that face us today. On general issues, of course, we assume that there will be broad agreement among Christians on basic matters of Pro-Life, Justice for All, Concern for the Poor and Traditional Marriage. However, as we apply these principles to specific issues and as we consider various policy alternatives, we expect that faithful Christians will often disagree on details. Through healthy debate among fellow believers, we trust that we can best address the vital issues that we face and put forward a position that is faithful to our Lord and to the love of His Kingdom.

Two problems with Issue-based political parties.

     Issue-based political parties often suffer from two opposite problems. Either a party creates a platform of issues set in stone that are never open to debate or the platform is a temporary collection of issues designed to win over a maximum number of voters at a given point of time. The first inflates the importance of every single issue to that of a principle. This arrogantly assumes that we can speak for God and that our party can proclaim the final word on any issue. This does not allow any debate within the party or reflection on an issue and pointlessly drives away other Christians with honest disagreements of our positions. The second extreme deflates the importance of principle in guiding the party’s platform of issues. It would be the height of folly for a Christian political party to abandon our core principle with a desire to win votes. Christians have been called to please God and not men.

     With these points of clarification, the following are positions that Christians United! take on the following issues. We believe that these issues follow from our core principles that Jesus Christ is King and our love of His Kingdom as opposed to the Kingdom of this World. We acknowledge that these are not the final word on these issues and invited fellow Christians to engage us and help us to fine tune our positions.

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