Kingdom of this World

Jesus counseled us to be as wise as serpents and innocent as doves. Christians must understand our enemies in order to avoid falling into their traps. In the broadest sense, we understand the enemies of Christ within the framework of Modernism. Modernism is a meta-category that encapsulates an ideological movement over time stretching from the Renaissance, to the Enlightenment, to our contemporary Postmodern times. Having its origins within a Christian society it can be understood as a Christian heresy. The heart of the heresy is the substitution of Christ with Man (somehow defined). The individual, an elite group, or a nation is understood as the messianic key for the salvation of humanity. This salvation may be grand and selfless, or it may be small and self-interested. Modernism may show itself in a myriad of guises but its defining factor is that Man, somehow defined, takes the messianic place of Jesus. Modernism has had a devastating affect on faithful Christianity. Christians have been deceived and have tried to serve two masters. As Jesus warned, this does not work. In the end, you inevitably choose sides and only serve one master and despise the other. This is what we argue has happened in the past 600 years. We have moved from a predominately Christian society to become a non-Christian society. The fault falls squarely on Christians themselves. We have played the harlot and been unfaithful. Now we are paying the consequences. The good news is that our God is faithful even we are not. If we repent and forswear our false master, our Father will forgive our betrayal. We have been deceived by our enemies in the past and we must not be fooled once again. Being wise as serpents means having a thorough understanding of the ideas of our enemies.

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