What is the core problem of our nation?

No one goes to the hospital to find out whether they are sick. We go to the Emergency Room to find out why we are sick and whether there is anything they can do to help us. Likewise, we do not need to ask anyone whether our nation is critically ill: it’s painfully obvious. The urgent question is what is the cause of our nation’s illness? In an emergency, a doctor must quickly diagnose the problem and decisively treat the patient. But what if the diagnosis is wrong? All the treatment in the world may fail to help the patient if they are misdiagnosed. If are to help save our nation, we must first be certain that we have correctly diagnosed our nation’s problem. If we have got it wrong then all the activisms in the world will not help but may even harm our nation in the long run. What is the core problem of our nation?
Many people have articulated what they think is wrong. Many Tea Party activists think our basic problem is financial. Many Christians think that our problem is moral. While I fully acknowledge that these are serious problems I believe that these only symptoms of a more serious problem. At root, our nation has a spiritual problem: we do not acknowledge Christ as our Lord.
Most people (and even most Christians) do not recognize this as a problem. We have been taught since birth by our public education, media even by our churches that our faith has no business in politics: we must separate the church from the state. Christians have by in large accepted this lie. The dirty little secret is however that the elite within politics, public education and the media do not separate their most deeply help philosophical ideas from their politics. They demand that their secular anti-Christian ideology have a monopoly within the public square and that we keep our religious faith within our churches and our homes.

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