What We Are Not

As soon as people here the term Christian political party, they will jump to conclusions which will not be flattering. This may be unfair and unkind, but it is something fully expected. Our society has a deep animosity towards mixing religion with politics (see Enlightenment Compromise). Both Christians and non-Christians have been taught since birth that a Christian political party falls somewhere in between a bad idea to something downright evil. This strong negative reaction to something that has never really existed in the history of our nation is itself very instructive. It shows that this sentiment is ideologically based and is not based on experience. Certainly, we can imagine a Christian political party being as bad our critics assume, but no one should be so prejudiced as to rule out something before they even have the facts. Many of our critics pride themselves on being enlightened and vehemently against all prejudice, discrimination, bias and intolerance. If they really are then let them give us a fair hearing and judge us on our words and actions. To counter some of the common misconceptions of a Christians political party, what follows are some of the thing Christians United! are not:

Christians United! does not advocate nationalism.

Christians United! does not advocate a theocracy.

Christians United! does not advocate either Capitalism or Communism.

Christians United! does not advocate either Imperialism or Revolution.

Christians United! rejects all Enlightenment and Post-Enlightenment political categories as time tested failures. We are not Conservatives, Liberals, Libertarians or Socialists. We are Christians. Christians United! believe following Jesus as King and seeking the ways of his Kingdom are what is best for all people of our nation.

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