Who Is In Control Of Our World?

Well, that depends on who you believe. Satan claimed that he had all authority on earth and tempted Jesus by offering Him all this power if only he would worship Satan. (Luke 4: 5-8). Do you believe Satan? Are you willing to take him at his word that Satan is really in control of our world? People are tempted to believe Satan’s lie because there is so much evil and corruption in our world. Yet, Jesus was not fooled. Jesus was not about to worship the Father of Lies or believe his bold-faced lie that he was in control of this world. Should we not rather accept Jesus at His word? Jesus claimed that “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.” (Matt. 28:18)
As Christians, we must believe Jesus and take His words seriously. Jesus has been given authority over everything in heaven and on the earth. He is the Lord of all the nations whether or not they acknowledge Him. Yes, evil does appear to reigns over the earth as evil and corrupt people seemingly get away with injustice. Appearances can be deceiving. The sun appears to revolve around the earth, yet do you believe in appearances? We know from Scripture that God could end all evil in a moment (as He did in Noah’s time) and will someday place all His enemies, including death, under His feet. Yet, for a season God allow evil to continue so that He might have mercy on some of us. All of Scripture tells us that God is in control and that He has placed Jesus on the throne of His Kingdom. Satan is a only a lying pretender to this throne. Jesus Christ is now Lord of all lords and King of all the nations.
The non-Christians of our nation refuse to acknowledge Christ as the Lord of our nation because they believe the lies of Satan. The leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties refuse to acknowledge Christ as Lord but tell us that the will of the people is sovereign. They tell us that we are in control of our nation and that they are the servants to our will. We have same-sex marriage and abortion-on-demand because this is the will of the people. We are the gods of this nation and can make any law we desire. Do you believe what the Republicans and Democrats are telling us? Are they really doing the will of the people? Rather, are they not tempting us with the same line that Satan used on Jesus? They are merely flattering us so that we will bow down before them (vote) and give them our collective power? Sovereignty is not for them to give. And even if could, the Republicans and Democrats are certainly not giving it to us but taking power for themselves. They (so they think) are the ones in power and we are their ignorant pawns.
Are Christians any better? Haven’t we accepted their lie because we secretly don’t believe that Christ is in control? As long as the Republicans and Democrats deliver the goods and keep the economy humming, Christians seem to be willing to accept their lie and vote for them. Christians seem to be willing to sell out Jesus for a few pieces of silver.
When will Christians stand up and acknowledge Jesus as Lord over the United States? The Christian United says enough! The time is now! Get behind us, Democrats and Republicans; we will only serve Jesus Christ. He is the Lord of the United States and we are His servants. Anything else that anyone tells you is a lie. The Christian Liberty Party is currently the only party in the United States that boldly and enthusiastically proclaims that Jesus Christ is Lord of our nation. Stand up, Christians and join us in declaring that Jesus is King!

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